Why your Dashboard is not effective

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Why your Dashboard is not effective

Many companies need a dashboard where they can view their KPI’s and all of the underlying report details for them to take action and make business decisions quickly.  However, once they view those beautiful graphs, charts and highlighted data or KPIs there is still one main missing piece and it slows the whole process down: communication between systems and individuals involved.

The next step they take is to shoot out an email concerning an item or make a call to figure out what went wrong just to make a change in how the data is showing and correct it.  Then another team member gets involved and makes an import or manually makes the change in separate system.  This communication line allows for errors along the way, can take a lengthy amount of time, and doesn’t allow for effective collaboration.

How can you make the dashboard and reports an active decision point along with quick collaboration?  This is easy with Switch Active BI and LDM enhanced with Power ON.  We build in the ability to comment, approve, or directly make changes to data points or layer in comparison figures directly on your Power BI dashboards or reports.  This makes the dashboard truly actionable, streamlines the entire decision making process or correction to the data, and utilizes effective communication.

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