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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can increase productivity in your company.  Switch Analytics can automate workflows between your applications and services to extract from pdfs, synchronize files, get notifications, transform data and much more.

Save by investing fewer working hours, increasing productivity and speeding up results.

Improve working capital efficiency by shortening business process cycle time (e.g. processing supplier and customer invoices, receiving and returns documentation, and other tasks).

Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction by reducing manual workload and eliminating the need to perform repetitive, lower-value tasks and

Eliminate risk of human data entry error or omission.

Increase data integrity and make each analytical activity more impactful.

Notify problem solvers immediately for important issues and escalate them in a timely manner.

Augment human review and efficient reconciliations and automated QC.

Improve the audit process by automating the collection and validation of information required by internal and external teams.

Collect and prepare data required for financial reporting to reduce time it takes to close the books or prepare operational reporting for reoccurring meetings

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